Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Here's a before picture of the front of my house. I was eager to get started on this project. I wanted it done last year and was hiring it out however I didn't get around to it. I felt more of a push to get the upgrade completed because it needed it so badly so this year was the year. I also felt that with my time away from school and other hurdles, I'd do the work myself. I had to wait for my semester to be over though. I didn't want this project to come in the way of my studies. So I waited.

After the semester completed I did as much as the weather would allow. I've never put in a retaining wall or done my own landscaping and patio. So this was going to be quite the learning project for me. I WAS PUMPED!

I think the hardest part was deciding what was going to go in. I wanted it to be just right because I wasn't/won't be doing this again anytime soon.

I wanted to do as much as I could by myself. I did have helpers. Samee and Greg, especially Greg, ran the tractor at times and dug dirt. My dad helped rake out the 2.57 tons of crushed rock that I unloaded. OH- and he pointed. Dad couldn't seem to vision what my plan was and I'd try to describe it but it didn't seem to help. Finally putting in the material was helping him see my plan.

The walls weren't as hard as I thought. The only tedious part is leveling and packing the first layer. Boy! What a pain! I don't mind lifting, carrying and laying the rock or patio slabs however the leveling can have someone else doing it. Not hard just time consuming and tedious!

The job wasn't easy but it was very satisfying. Something I could claim as my own. I worked as much as the weather would allow. Some of the plants are from a friend, Lynee (also nursing student), who was pruning down her plants throughout her yard. I am so thankful for that. Some opinions was that I wouldn't really have much of an area to put chairs and sit out front. I obviously disagreed and had a chance to try it out. I'm glad I did. It's really a great place to sit and relax. I have gone out several times to read. Friends have stopped over and we've sat on the patio just talking and catching up. Even my mail carrier has commented on the improvement since she watched the changes from day one!

So now you have it! Here are my improvements that I smile about. You'll find me from time to time looking over the plants to see what changes I may like to make or picking out my favorites.

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